6 Reasons Why Goals Are The Most Important Elements Of Any Website

Goals are the foundation of every business, every athlete and yes, every website. They help keep you focused, they help you determine if you’re moving forward or in the right direction and most importantly they give you something to strive for. Without goals, you are simply carrying out day to day tasks with no particular direction.

One week is spent on systems then the next week you’ve read an article about Marketing (so now all your attention has been set to focus on marketing), and then the next week you get an email in your inbox saying how powerful social media is so you start focusing on that too. Now you’re really just jumping around all over the place as we said, with no particular direction.

More often than not, when we ask our clients what the top 3 goals for their website are, they start ummmmming and aaahhhhing and looking all over the room as if their long lost goals are written on the inside of Emocean Studios walls.

So to help you on your way to success, we’d like to share with you 6 Reasons to start creating goals right now!

1. By Simply Writing Down Your Goals, The Odds Of Achieving Them Is Instantly Increased.

By simply writing down your goals, you are far more likely to achieve them! So why is it that most businesses out there don’t have set goals? More often than not, when we ask our clients what their top 3 goals are, they can’t answer it in a definitive way…. We get a lot of “Well ummmmm’s” from the most unlikely people.

So…. Start writing down your goals now and know that you are one step ahead of most businesses.

Learn more about setting goals. (Free Workbook download also available)

2. Staying Focused Is Easy When You Set Goals.

When you have goals written down in a place where you will see them every morning you will be less inclined to work on any given task that pops into your head as you’ll have seen your goals, set your focus for the day, and now all you need to do is stick to it for the next 7 to 8 hours.

3. Goals Help You Keep Score and Tell You When You’ve Succeeded.

If you don’t have goals, then how will you ever know if you’re successful! It’s like a soccer season with all games ending 0-0. How will you know which team has won the league? You need something to measure your success by, and that is why you need GOALS.

4. Goals Give You A Deadline.

Without a goal you have given yourself an eternity to complete the tasks which you’ve started or are soon to start. This is called an idea. It becomes a goal when you’ve written it down and given yourself a date to have it 100% completed.

All goals should have a deadline so you know what timing you are striving for. A goal to increase your website sales is a good goal, but a better goal would be to increase your sales before the end of the month or quarter.

Give all your goals a date to be achieved by.

5. Goals Give You Motivation.

With a goal in mind and a date set, you should be well motivated to achieve them, after all they are YOUR goals! If you’re not going to strive to achieve them, no one else is going to do it for you.

But what if you attached to that goal a reward not just of what the goal offers, such as playing for your country before you turn 21, but a reward for yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing? A weekend getaway with your partner or a family holiday, maybe it’s a motorbike or that Range Rover Sport you’ve always dreamed of. Now you have some serious motivation to complete your goals.

6. Goals Help You Make Those Big Decisions.

When you have a goal such as playing for your country before you turn 21, and you’re going to buy yourself a brand new Range Rover Sport when that happens, this is now a big factor in all future decisions. For example;

Your goal may be to sell your website in the next 2 years or to increase the size of its database, either way these are high level goals that require smaller goals to be reached, but each time you reach and stepping stone goal you know you are winning and will soon be successful in reaching your goal, yes?

What is the point of a website without goals? What happens to a website that is goalless? Basically the same that would happen in soccer if they didn’t count goals….. not a good scenario at all, it would probably become so boring that the sport itself would disappear…. just like your website will if you don’t keep score!

Go on, start creating some goals for your company’s website right now and put some plans in place to reach them or contact us and we can help you with this!