What is the difference between a website and a web system

It surprises us how many companies don’t have a web system in place. We did a little exploring on the internet and talked to quite a few people and most have never heard the term “Web System”. So we thought we'd break down the differences between a website and a web system.

Just about everyone on the planet knows what a website is, but a website broken down is basically an interactive book with different pages and images to look at and read if you really think it’s interesting enough.

Web systems however, open up an entirely new world of online super powers to save you time and money or give you more time and more money. Which is always a good thing.

Firstly, let’s go into a little detail of what a Website really is;

Web Sites fulfill basic online purposes, such as….
  • Supplying Information.
  • What is the goal of your website/flyer/brochure etc?
  • What is your desired outcome of the project?
  • Displaying Videos and Images.
  • Requesting action from a visitor. (E.g. Call Now or Complete the form for a free consultation.)
  • Downloading Files.
  • Displaying Maps
  • Forms and a few other mundane functions.

Yes, there are a few other things websites do, but these are just an example of the main types of features a website has.

Now before I go on to explain what a Web System is, I’d like you to understand this one very important fact regarding websites…. It has been proven by many different research companies that once a visitor leaves your website without contacting you they tend never to return to your website again, unless your site has ongoing value, such as; lots of articles, videos, free weekly downloads, monthly, weekly or daily online only specials OR the visitor is a competitor.

You have probably done this yourself many times looking for local services, hotels to stay in, or restaurants to dine at. You searched Google, you clicked on a one of the results which sounded great only to get to the site and the site looked terrible and you had no idea how to find what you were looking for, it was all too difficult so you left. Chances are you’ll never visit that site again.

So, a good website is still important but is only a starting point to what the internet is capable of…. read on and we’ll explain.

Now the exciting part, let’s discuss the power of Web Systems and how they can save you time every single day.

Welcome to the profit building, customer retaining, lead converting, time saving, money making and fully automated wow factor side of the Web.

Web Systems have unlimited possibilities and can be hand crafted to suit your company’s future vision, goals, sales targets and just about anything you can think of.

“Web Systems are capable of much more than standard websites and will add massive value to your company, client and brand.”

Web Systems can even give your company a Unique Selling Point or a Point of Differentiation to your target market. These systems will automatically enhance the overall customer experience, automatically increase your client retention rate, automatically help turn Leads into clients and even supply your company with invaluable feedback from your clients, did I mention all this will happen “automatically”.

Web systems are perfect for those tedious tasks which always seem so repetitive and are annoyingly time consuming, so the next time you say to yourself “there’s got to be a better way or a more efficient way”, there’s a good chance there is and that better way is a web systems which you can access at any time of the day, no matter where you are (as long as you have an internet connection that is).

Let me list a few that every company, including yours, should have in place.

1. Lead Conversion Systems….

Are probably the most widely used systems on the internet today. It’s job usually starts with capturing an email address by offering a free download, it then goes on to automatically contact that lead 3, 6 possibly 12 times with valuable or educational information and offers to entice them to sign up to your services or purchase your products.

2. Quoting and Follow Up Systems….

These types of systems can automate the process of sending out, following up and converting your quotes into projects. These are very important systems to have, they can cut manual hours for quoting and following up of quotes by more than half.

How many additional tasks could you complete if half your day was suddenly free to work on other things? This is really good news! =)

3. Customer Satisfaction Systems….

Assist in the time consuming task of keeping clients happy. An example is automatically sending out surveys to clients who purchase a particular product (possibly a new product) and asking them for some feedback which is tracked and recorded in your database with a reporting function for you to easily download or view the results of your survey.

4. Testing and Measuring Systems….

We’ve left this one as the last example because every company on the planet should have a system that tests and measures the effectiveness of everything they do. The most popular testing and measuring systems are based around a company’s Marketing, but it’s definitely not limited to marketing.

Let me explain, when you advertise in a magazine for $2000 or $3000 you really want to know how effective that advertisement was. So you send them to a unique web page with a special offer that is being tracked by your system, Every visit, every click and every conversion is tracked, recorded and sent to you automatically at the end of the month as a nicely laid out .pdf report.

This report will tell you things like; how much it cost to get each person to visit your site, how much it cost per person who signed up to your offer, the conversion rate of your campaign, what the total value of the campaign was and much, much more. This report can be 100% customised to give you the exact information you want, when you want it!


A website with no web system is like a race car with no engine, it’s nice to look at and leaves a great first impression, but doesn’t do much beyond that.

Websites are still the face of a Web System, so you still need a Website. But a website is just the beginning, on its own it will not give you the return on your money that a Web System will. It won’t help you grow without having to put a lot of effort into new clients or leads and it won’t save you time or money like a Web System will.

One of the best things about a Web System is that it runs behind the scenes. Your clients and website visitors will never see the system, how it works or what it’s doing, they will only ever experience its effects!

Do you currently use a system which could be automated to save you or your staff time? If so let us know all about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have a super day!