Break Even Calculator

Use the Break Even Calculator below to determine how many sales you'll need to make in order to get your money back from a promotion or sale using your estimated Average Dollar Sales.

Total Marketing/advertising Spend
Estimated Average Individual Sale
To Break Even you have to make
sales during your campaign
If you sell just 20% more(10)$10,230
If you sell just 50% more(12)$12,276
To double your spend(16)$16,368
Emocean Break Even Calculator Image
Testing and Measuring your Advertising Campaigns is Essential

The above Break Even Calculators will help you determine the break point of your next advertising campaign.

To do this we calculate the number of sales you have to make in order to replace he money you spent on your marketing strategy. We do this by using your Average Dollar Sale and the Total Cost of your Advertising Campaign.

If you don't know your Average Dollar Sale or how to calculate it, take a look at our Average Dollar Sale calculator here.

Without an Average Dollar Sale you are simply advertising blind. If you're selling a $10 product and spending $6000 a year on advertising you need to be selling 600 products a year just to get your advertising money back. So for those 600 sales you haven't even turned a profit yet.

Important Information
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