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Product photography is an advertising style of photography used to maximise the impact of a product using specialised lighting & techniques.
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If your images are anything less than impressive your clients won't be getting the full impact of your products and may turn to someone else who has spent a little extra to give their products punch!

An easy way for any business to get an edge over their competitors and stand out in catalogues and across the board in their marketing and advertising material is to perfect their products impact using professional photography services.

Refresh your marketing and advertising images, update your website imagery and impress your customers today.

We have experience with some of the best selling products on the planet including Post-it Notes and Scotch Tape.

High quality photo's really do speak for themselves.

We make it easy every step of the way, check in your products (or for a small fee we will come out and pick them up) and in just a couple of days we'll have professional images of the highest quality ready for you to use.

What to expect from our Product Photography skills:

  • We can shoot any product within 350 x 350mm.
  • We can supply your photos in many different formats such as .tif .jpg .eps. psd and even .pdf.
  • We can colour correct, deepetch (cut out), manipulate and enhance your new images.
  • Once your photos are complete we'll email them straight to you for immediate use.

Our prices start from just $45 per shot and as little as $900 for an entire day of shooting.

Call us now to book in your next product photography session.