If we don't act, mother nature will

Emocean studios is more than just a Web and Design agency; we are part of the Australian community. We take our responsibility to our planet very seriously, with a pro-active approach to a sustainable business and lower carbon world.

sustainability factory fumes When did it all Start to Change

Our ability as humans to have an impact on the climate began at the end of the late 18th century. This was the period when Britain experienced a significant transition from a manual labour and draft animal-based economy into one that utilises machine-based manufacturing.

In the process, a major transition in manufacturing, mining, transport and agriculture began that spread throughout the world. All-metal machine tools, canals, improved roads, railways and the introduction of coal-fire steam power fundamentally changed society over a period that became known as the Industrial Revolution. It was during this time that humans started to create significant amounts of carbon dioxide pollution.

It was to have a cumulative impact on the global climate that has led to where we are today.

sustainability smart bulb How to Boost your Enviromental Performance

What makes for a high-performing organisation? In the past, such organisation was defined solely by the success of its financial bottom line. But in todays world, a high performing organisation is one that is:

+ Responsive to customers needs and wants

+ Responsive to it's environment

+ Resourceful in times of scarcity

+ Adaptable in times of change

+ Beneficial to others through its own prosperity

sustainability green car What can you Start doing to Help

+ Car pool your way to work, or try public transport. If you're close enough, walk or ride a bike; get some fresh air!

+ Turn all lights and electric appliances off at the wall when not in use. Turning off your computer every night can halve the running costs of that computer.

+ Only buy kitchen and water appliances with high Energy Ratings. The more stars the better!

+ Buy Recycled Paper. It saves up to 50% less energy compared to virgin paper. Each tonne of recycled paper saves approximately 24 trees and uses up to 60% less water.

+ Use Email Marketing instead of snail mail. There's no need for envelopes, stamps, printing or delivery vehicles.

emocean sustainability recycle image