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Generate More Leads using this Website Design Brief

A design can only be as good as the brief it was developed from. Too general and the design runs the risk of missing the mark, too complicated and it wont allow the design to be open enough to....

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Why Does My Website Not Appear In Google Search?

5 billion searches are performed every single day! Yes 5 BILLION, with a “B”, that’s BILLION and it’s not a typo! That’s a LOT of eyeballs and if you’re website is not displaying on the #1 page....

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David Parker

Design to Impress your Target Audience, Not your Boss

Designing a new advertising piece isn’t as simple as making it look nice, sitting back and reaping the rewards. There is a lot to think about and this article will teach you how to better prepared....

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How to Set Smarter Business Goals

The year ahead holds so much promise and anticipation, another chance to fulfil the goals and resolutions we made last year which we want to improve on or those which weren’t quite....

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13 Steps to Perfect your Websites User Experience

All businesses need a website, but most businesses don’t consider the people visiting the website. We’ve noticed most businesses want what they want on a website because that’s....

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Are you making these website mistakes which could be costing you thousands

Don’t make the same mistake as most other businesses when it comes to building a website. It’s a website misconception we’ve come across time and time again which can be easily avoided....

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